A special bike for a special boy

Even with coronavirus-related social distancing, a Wilmington-based charity's been able to bring smiles to area children with special needs.

Her group does that by giving out specially-adapted bikes, said Deb Buenaga with Preston's March for Energy.

"If a child can't pedal with their legs, we give them a hand-cycle.  If a child can't steer by themselves, then we have a steering system on the back of the bike for the parents to help steer, so whatever they need, we've been able to help them," said Buenaga.

Buenaga added the group's given bikes to kids nationwide, but this past weekend, social distancing might have stopped them in their tracks, if not for some well-placed phone calls.

"To the corporate sponsors, to our presenting sponsor, Placers Staffing, and to a friend of ours who has a current relationship with the Governor's office, and they all gave us [their] blessing, they said 'go for it,'" said Buenaga.

Thirteen kids in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland got bikes last weekend from the group, which gives all types of specially-adapted bikes to children who would otherwise not get to ride.

Since October 2011, Preston's March for Energy has given more than 445 bikes to kids across the US, and you can learn more about the group by visiting.