A national move to make access to suicide prevention help easier means Delawareans are going to have to make a change to their dialing habits, even when doing so locally. 

As Delaware Senate Republicans explained in a Medium post, in October 2021, the FCC will require all 16 states that have a 9-8-8 exchange--which Delaware does in Selbyville's AT&T mobile and landline customers--to start dialing all 10 digits in a phone number. 

The use of an area code while dialing will permit those who need to access the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to simply dial 988 in an emergency. Delaware's change to dialing requirements will take effect on April 24, 2021, to prepare for the national effort.

So, even if you're in Delaware, using a Delaware number, and trying to call someone else also in Delaware, start getting in the habit of punching in all 10 numbers.