Moses protest

The wife of Lymond Moses held this sign during protest over her husband's shooting death but did not speak

About thirty people, including the wife, parents, and siblings, of a man shot and killed by New Castle County police officers, protested outside police headquarters in Minquadale on Friday afternoon, February 5, 2021.

30-year old Lymond Moses was shot and killed by county police officers early in the morning on January 13, 2021, on Rosemont Avenue on Wilmington's East Side.

County police said officers were investigating a suspicious vehicle when Moses drove away, but Rosemont Avenue was dead-ended at 27th Street.

According to police, Moses made a U-turn and started driving at the officers at a high rate of speed. 

Police reported that two officers, a 10-year veteran and an officer with three years on the job, both fired at the car.

Moses was pronounced dead at the scene.

Family members want police to release any body cam or dash cam footage of the incident, and they're questioning why New Castle County police officers were operating on a suspicious vehicle complaint inside Wilmington City limits.

Terence Jones, a former Philadelphia cop and founder of the non-profit Total Justice, said after his own investigation at the crime scene he doesn't believe the police narrative.

He questioned how Moses was able to get up to a high rate of speed over such a short distance from the dead end to where his car ended up.

He lashed out at New Castle County Police Chief Colonel Vaughn Bond, Jr., and demanded his resignation.

"They staged this crime scene," said Jones. "Police Chief Bond is covering this up."

"He can't even tell us the truth," shouted Jones. "He cannot give this family any answers to what happened to their loved one."

In the wake of the shooting Bond issued a statement.

"The events of this morning are tragic as the lives of our officers and the Moses family have been forever altered," said Bond.

"I can assure those we serve that we are committed to conducting a thorough and exhaustive investigation to determine exactly what occurred during the officers' interactions with Mr. Moses."

Bond did not respond to the protestors.

The shooting is also being investigated by the Delaware Department of Justice, Office of Division of Civil Rights and Public Trust.

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