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If you own a restaurant in Delaware whose profits were pulverized by the pandemic, help is available from the federal Small Business Administration.

Since the $28.6 billion Restaurant Revitalization Program launched Monday, more than $60 billion dollars' worth of applications have come in, but not to worry, said Delaware SBA Director John Fleming.

"I'm sure the agency's gonna go back to Congress and see if we can get some more funds for this to happen--everybody, including the Restaurant Association said that we're....we probably could use about five times more....[than] was put into the program," said Fleming.

Fleming added the program, which started last Monday, is giving financial aid to eligible for-profit food establishments.

"That could take the form of not only restaurants, but it could be food carts, it could be....anybody that serves food and beverages, and the key number to remember there is at least 33% of your revenue has to come from food and beverage service.  And then, of course, you have to show a decrease between 2019 revenue and 2020 revenue," said Fleming.

The program isn't designed to help restaurants that are permanently closed now--just those that were temporarily affected.