Dover Mall

Dover Police said they arrested a suspect who was part of the looting of the Dover Mall Sunday evening.

Police said they observed Corey Barlow of Dover with two new boxes of sneakers and a coat with tags still on it in the downtown area.

They made contact with Barlow and obtained his information.

Then at about 11 a.m. Monday, they received another burglary alarm for Villa Shoe Store in the mall and they found Barlow inside the storage area of the store as they said he was attempting to steal more merchandise.

Police charged Barlow with two counts of 3rd degree burglary, theft, and criminal mischief.

Barlow was committed to Sussex Correctional Institute on $3,700 secured bond.

Police also gave more information on the looting, saying suspects broke into the Forever 21 by smashing the glass door, and damaged a security gate trying to reach other locations in the mall. Security gates to T-Mobile and Foot Locker were both damaged, but suspects could not get into that store.

Items were stolen from Forever 21 and Villa Shoe Store.

The investigation remains ongoing.