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After a years-long saga that included hundreds of back-and-forth emails and legal threats, Glasgow Court Mobile Home Park has paid the remaining balance of more than $44,000 in delinquent sewer bills owed to New Castle County.  

WDEL has obtained a transaction receipt, showing the payment from Heather Taylor, Glasgow Enterprises manager, was made on January 23, 2019, well after Glasgow received a credit of more than $132,230.70 from the county after providing documentation to support a leak on the property. 

"Delinquent taxpayers, Miss DiSabatino was one of those, and I can now report that with regards to her sewer bill which was hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is current," said County Executive Matt Meyer on WDEL's Del-AWARE Wednesday.  

Current, for now. At one point the highest delinquent tax payer in the county with a delinquency ballooning beyond $550,000, the embattled trailer park--where WDEL has exposed some residents live illegally due the failure of DiSabatino's husband, Robert Redick, in his role as a contractor who did not complete work or obtain certificates of occupancy--owes $211,879.73 in sewer taxes, payment due to the county, in full, on February 28, 2019. Redick, who was cited by the county and assessed fines for failing to appear at hearings, is appealing that decision. In his appeal, he claimed he was out-of-town when notice was given and when hearings were held.  

Prior to Glasgow's payment being made, tense emails between attorneys for the county and DiSabatino continued. 

On January 7, 2019, DiSabatino's attorney Christopher Koyste wrote: 

"I have not yet responded to your prior email as I am working with my client and Mr. Davies [the engineer who conducted the leak investigation] on a reply."  

County Attorney Sanjay Bhatnagar responded the next day:  

"That determination is final. Absent a court order directing the county to reduce the delinquent balance, there will be no further adjustment on the account," he said. "I cannot guarantee that your 'reply' will even be considered, and it certainly will not be a high priority for the Finance Department. I hope your client is not delaying payment pending consideration of the reply. That is not a basis to further withhold payment."  

Bhatnagar further noted the option to bring the property to sheriff sale fully remained an option he was authorized to take.  

But Glasgow's most recent payment of $44,301.33 also apparently comes with a stipulation. 

"Glasgow Court reserves its right to legally contest the asserted amount due which was paid in full, as the payment was made to prevent additional penalties," Koyste wrote in an email more than two weeks after the above communications on January 25, 2019.

A one-percent penalty is assessed by the county for each month a sewer bill is past due.

Additionally, WDEL learned DiSabatino owes more than $180,000 in property, school, and utility tax on other properties owned under various aliases. It's unclear what efforts may be done to collect on those properties, but county officials assured WDEL DiSabatino's plans to transform the trailer park into a mixed-use community would be on-hold until all accounts tied to her were paid up and until code issues within the park were resolved.  

Neither Glasgow Court nor its attorney returned requests for comment and have never returned requests for comment in the nearly two years WDEL has covered this issue.  

Amy Cherry is the Assistant News Director and an investigative journalist at WDEL. She joined WDEL's award-winning news team in 2010 from WBZ Newsradio 1030 in Boston and has received national accolades for reporting.