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Delaware's reopening plan just hit Phase 1 on Monday, but Governor John Carney said he's also thinking ahead to what could happen if the coronavirus turns more aggressive in a second round later this year.

Carney ordered the formation of the Pandemic Resurgence Advisory Committee, hoping for a smoother rollout of services if COVID-19 does become a bigger problem in the future.

Dr. Nancy Fan of the Delaware Health Care Commission will oversee the Health subcommittee, Eugene Young of the Metropolitan Urban League of Wilmington is in charge of Equity, while Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Chair of the Board of Directors Katie Wilkinson handles the Business subcommittee.

Their findings, beginning on July 31, then again on September 30, are tasked with developing a public health strategy, testing protocol, and how to protect vulnerable populations.

“This is an inclusive and transparent effort to prepare for the worst while continuing to hope for the best,” said Secretary of State Jeff Bullock, who will co-chair the PRAC with Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long. “We’ve learned a lot in the last few months about what works in responding to a pandemic, and some things that don’t work as well. This committee will build on that experience to improve the ways we’ll respond if we see a resurgence.”

The PRAC will hold virtual meetings that will be scheduled in the coming weeks.