Jay Nyce, program director for Jammin' 96.9

Jay Nyce, Program Director for Jammin' 96.9

If you hadn't noticed already, there are some new tunes available on the FM dial, and they're broadcasting right out of Wilmington. 

"I'm over-the-top excited," said Florence Joyce, General Sales Manager for Forever Media-Wilmington. "I don't think I can contain myself. Everyone here at Forever is all about Jammin' 96.9."

The idea for an urban adult-contemporary station Wilmington could call its own, without having to tune in to stations broadcasting out of Philadelphia, was something Joyce has been focused on since she started working at the station. 

"Wilmington's never had an urban adult-contemporary station, and...it's been eating away at me," she said. "It's all about serving the African American community. We heard you, we know you wanted a station that was important to you, serving you old-school hits."

Jay Nyce, former Program Director for Faith 1510 AM and now Program Director for Jammin'96.9, has "been so instrumental in directing us in which moves to make," she said. 

"This is great. I'm excited," said Nyce. "Exhilarated. I can't wait to see Wilmington's reception for this after it's launched. It's been a lot of hard work, and we're happy to be providing this music to a community looking for someone to bring them this." 

He sent a special message to Faith listeners announcing the new station launch: 

Joyce hopes the new station can reach an untapped market with needs and demands all their own, and that it can be a mutually beneficial relationship for listeners and clients. 

"We're bringing something unique to our community, and to our clients." Joyce said, adding the station would be especially focused on the needs of the female community. "It's something the community can call their own, while providing access for our clients to those important listeners."