Dietary Guidlines

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

A program designed to get kids to eat more vegetables has made inroads at area schools.

The organization's mission is to design and implement food-and-garden-based school programs, said Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids program manager Lindsay Lancaster.

"So what we do is, we partner with schools in Delaware to start vegetable garden programs on-site during the academic day that align with the science curriculum, and also enable students to try delicious vegetables," said Lancaster.

Lancaster said the ball gets rolling once school officials express their interest.

"We will come and evaluate the site--make sure we can find an actual space to put the garden in.  We'll talk about, kind of the requirements and resources, and what it entails to start a vegetable garden at the school," said Lancaster.

Lancaster said gardens can be tailored to available space, and teachers, parents and students are welcome to help build the gardens.

She added her group focuses on cool-weather, fast-growing crops that can be grown during the school year.