It was a reunion 40 minutes in the making.

That's how long New Castle County police officers, paramedics, and Christiana EMTs and firefighters worked on 61-year old Donald Quashne on the night of April 17, 2019.

Everyone agrees, 40 minutes is a long time.

"This is an extraordinary event that we don't see that much," said Medic Sgt. Richard Moreman, one of several first responders who gathered this week at county police headquarters to meet the man they saved.

"When I stepped foot back in my house, I looked at my wife and said, 'I need to look these gentlemen square in the eye and thank them for me standing here right now,'" said Quashne.

The first link in his chain of survival was his dog.

"My dog realized something wasn't right, jumped on the bed and woke up my wife. She called 911 and the party started."

Quashne hasn't lost his sense of humor but he doesn't have any recollection of that night's events.

New Castle County Paramedic Chief Larry Tan said a New Castle County Police Master Corporal David Cole was first on scene within two minutes and started CPR.

What followed was an all effort to save Quashne.

"After eight defibrillations the on-scene personnel were able to restore the patient's pulse."

Medics also applied ice packs and chilled IV fluids to help stabilize Quashne.

Following his recovery, Quashne contacted New Castle County Councilman David Tackett to set up a meeting with his rescuers to thank them for saving his life.

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