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Delaware is back on New Jersey's quarantine list this week, continuing a frustrating one week on/one week off trend that's infuriated Governor John Carney.

Carney has said repeatedly he's "mad as hell" and has gotten into "shouting matches" with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy over the metrics used by the Garden State that he said continue to unfairly target Delaware.

He's also said states should do away with quarantine lists after the Centers for Disease Control lifted 14-day quarantines for travel out-of-state and out of the country.

Delaware's positivity rate, at last check, stood at 4.5% Tuesday, far below the states' 10 percent positivity rate requirement that lands many states on the high-risk list.

"We're way below the 10 percent positive, but we're right on the edge of the new positive cases on the seven-day moving average each week, so one week we're at 85 and this week we're at 96. It's stupid. I guess the answer is--you've got to have a cutoff somewhere. It should be have to fail both, because we could fix it easy--we could just do fewer testing...we're not going to do that, it doesn't make any sense, it's not responsible for public health," said Carney.

Carney called the 13-day quarantine a huge impediment to travel.

"In particular, we have travelers who love to come to Delaware beaches, and that's where a lot of the push-back has come from on our side--'why are you allowing this to happen? I had 20 reservations cancel because of this quarantine,'" said Carney. "Guess what? The next week, they're able to take those reservations--that just doesn't make any sense."

Delaware has also been re-added to New York's quarantine list, according to a news conference by Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tuesday.

"We now have 35 high-risk states in this country, which is incredible," said Cuomo. "Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia have been added. Puerto Rico and [the] U.S. Virgin Islands have been taken off the list."

New York had not updated its website as of the time this article was published Tuesday.

Delaware remains off the quarantine list in Washington, D.C.