Equifax Cyberattack

How can you protect yourself from hackers in the wake of the Equifax data breach? A personal finance reporter has some suggestions.

The problem is Equifax detected the breach July 29, 2017, so between then and now, hackers could have accessed your information, said MarketWatch's Maria LaMagna.

"And kind of the best thing that you can do going forward is just monitor that, and also make sure that no one can get it in the future," said LaMagna.

LaMagna said Equifax does have a customer service website, but it has its own problems.

"One of them is that you don't know right away--they don't send you right away a response in every case, 'yes' or 'no'--a lot of people are getting a response that says, 'We're not really sure.  You're gonna have to sign up for this thing called TrustedID,' which is another security service they offer," said LaMagna.

Another problem with the site, LaMagna said, is that it looks like the kind of site hackers might set up.

LaMagna added the breach will likely make customers reluctant to submit information the site asks for, like the last six digits of their Social Security numbers.