Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy

Delaware Republican Party-endorsed candidate Lee Murphy, who's hoping to take on incumbent Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester for her seat in the U.S. House, said he wants to bring jobs back to Delaware, and that he's the right man to do it because he knows what it takes to make things work here in the First State. 

"I appreciate the party's unanimous endorsement at the convention we had about a month ago," Murphy said. "I am a blue collar guy. I stand for the working man. I stand for the things that people want here in Delaware. We need to bring manufacturing jobs back to Delaware. We sorely need real jobs here in Delaware. We've lost a tremendous amount of industry and manufacturing jobs over the past 25 years."

Murphy said no one knows the First State better, and he's spent his entire adult life witnessing Delaware's changes and growth. 

"I've lived in Delaware my entire adult life. I've been here since 1970, I raised my family here. My first job here in Delaware was a school teacher for the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington. I also coached at St. Marks, St. Elizabeth, Archmere. When my family got bigger. I left teaching, got a job on the railroad, worked for Amtrak for 35 years...as a locomotive train engineer and a train conductor," Murphy said. "I've been very active community, president of my civic association for many years, president of my church parish council for many years, involved with my community through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware. I've run for office before--I ran for this seat for Congress in 2018, I also ran for the state Senate in 2000 and 2002. So, I've been very active in my in Delaware since moving here many years ago."

One of Murphy's platforms is to bring pharmaceutical industry jobs to Delaware, bringing the production home  from China, a plan he said he's developing already with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. He said he's only doing what he's heard people want while talking with them throughout his travels.

"Number one in my travels up and down the state--I started our campaign back in June of last year, June 2019--and one of the main things is that I talked to all groups of people," he said. "Many people have told me that they're looking for a congressman that will not only respond, but also be on their side and look out for them first."

Murphy said it's not just republican congresspersons he can work with. One of his biggest strengths, according to him, is his ability to achieve results while working with those with whom he disagrees. 

"I've known Senator [Tom] Carper for many, many years having worked on the railroad and being involved in politics in Delaware. Senator [Chris] Coons used to be my neighbor, and I got to know Senator Coons his family well. They're certainly two people I could work with at this particular time. I think one thing I bring to the table is the ability to work with people who, politically, I disagree with," he said. "We really need leadership, and I would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with my two friends across the aisle to bring real employment, real jobs here back to Delaware."

That also includes those jobs small businesses are creating, many of which have suffered through the fallout of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. 

"I've seen small businesses really, really struggle. I've seen many small businesses close their doors for good. I think at this particular time, we're coming out of this pandemic, and we really have to let small businesses and large businesses operate safely. We have to give them credit, to be able to operate their businesses safely and get back on their feet," Murphy said. "I know many small businesses that can do that. We've allowed a lot the Walmarts and Home Depots to continue business as usual, and shut down other businesses, which, quite frankly, I do not agree with. We need to really let people that know the business do what they know to do best, and do it in a safe manner. I feel, right now, it's very political, especially in many of the blue states, the rules and regulations that are not allowing businesses to really succeed."

One of the biggest issues, Murphy feels, facing the country right now is lawlessness. With protests taking place across the country, he believes the average person no longer feels safe. 

"Right now, in our current environment in our world and in our state, safety of our citizens has really become the number one issue for the people in Delaware," he said. "With what's going on around the country in Seattle, Portland, and others cities, people really are concerned with their safety, and I think that is my main concern right now. I support law enforcement and support the full funding of law enforcement, and I think it's time to really take back our country in terms of enforcing our laws and making people feel safe in our country."

And they deserve to feel safe, he said, because the people of Delaware are so wonderful. 

"My favorite thing about Delaware is it's many interesting people. I've lived here since 1970, a long time," Murphy said. "We have a very diverse group of people that live here in this state, and from people in the [agriculture] community, to people in Kent County, to my friends and neighbors here in New Castle County, the people are great, and I really enjoy the citizens of the state."

There are a number of platforms Murphy would like to address. Things that top his list include high corporate income tax rates, electricity rates, failing school systems, and the incentivizing of businesses to come settle in Delaware. 

"I'd like to work with President, whoever that may be--I hope it's President Trump, of course--i'd like to have his ear," Murphy said. 

He also said Delaware needs more funding to combat the opioid addiction crisis. Having lost a family member battling addiction, Murphy knows it's a difficult struggle and those going through it need more assistance. 

"We have one of the highest overdose rates in the country. That really needs to be addressed," he said. "It's something we need to address through prevention, and also long term care for those that are suffering and want to turn their lives around. Also, an issue that's very important, and becomes more and more important, is the sex trafficking epidemic that's in this country. It's right here at home, here in Delaware, and it's certainly an issue that I'd like to tackle."

Despite Delaware being a blue state, Murphy said he knows its an "uphill fight," but that the positives he brings to the table far outweigh party affiliation. 

"We've gotten a taste here of socialism, quite frankly, in Delaware. We have a one-man rule coming from the governor. We've had very little help from my opponent," Murphy said. "So we've had a little taste to what socialism might be like, and quite frankly, it's scares me. And I think the people at this time in Delaware are looking for change, and not just change for change's sake, but people that have ideas of how to get our state back on track."

To check out more on Republican candidate for the U.S House of Representatives Lee Murphy, head to GoMurph.com.

"I believe in our Constitution, and I'm a blue collar guy. Common sense. I'm pro-life, I'm pro-liberty, pro-prosperity for all Delawareans, and I want to go to Washington, D.C., to represent all Delawareans and to work with our president bring some real prosperity back to our state," Murphy said. "We really need it, and I'll be accountable. I'll be accountable to the people."

Murphy will face off against Matthew M. Hathaway Morris in the primary election.