Brian Whitaker

"I am not a Republican."

There's a challenger for New Castle County Council's highest seat. Brian Witaker will take on embattled Democrat incumbent Karen Hartley-Nagle as an independent on November's general election ticket. 

He decided to run after Republicans failed to provide an alternative of their own for the seat. 

"The GOP had decided that they were not going to put up a candidate," he said on WDEL's Rick Jensen Show. "So they had decided that I will be the one to be the challenger to my opponent."

Whitaker spent time in the military, receiving the Good Conduct Medal before coming home and running At-Large for city clerk in New Castle city, and as appointed to the medical board by Gov. Jack Markell in 2014 as a Strategic Planner for Healthy Delawareans with Disabilities Advisory Council, and then was appointed to the Board of Speech Pathologists, Audiologists, and Hearing Aid Dispensaries.

He's also a three-stripe blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and plays classical guitar. 

"My goal is to restore balance within the county," Whitaker said. "I would like to coordinate with different municipalities to be sure they have what they need. One of of my goals is to create substantive legislation, instead of getting out awards."

With some of the stories that have come out of New Castle County in the past few years, Whitaker said he wants to see the position handled with more respect. 

"I want to raise public integrity, I've followed the stories," he said. "I would like to conduct public meetings with fairness, dignity, and decorum. I would like for the greater cooperation and coordination between the council, county, and municipalities."

Whitaker's interest in platform ideas range from clean water and air, to 2nd Amendment support, to lowering crime rates, and combating human trafficking in the state. 

"I want for the voters to know that I'm very sincere about this campaign," Whitaker said. "I want to reach out to Republicans and Democrats. I'm putting my heart and soul into this campaign. I'd like to restore balance and order to the county, and give it back to the people."