Members of Lymond Moses' family meet with the media following the release of body cam footage

Members of Lymond Moses' family meet with the media following the release of body cam footage of the officer-involved shooting that killed him on January 13, 2021 in Wilmington.

The family of Lymond Moses made a tearful plea for the arrest of the New Castle County police officers who fatally shot him after body camera footage of the January shooting was made public Tuesday.

Moses' sister Lashonnah Nix said the portion of the video where Moses attempted to drive in the general direction of the three officers, just before the shots were fired, showed he was not trying to injure the policemen.

"My brother did not have those officers in harm's way. This is murder. It was no accident, it was murder. They knew what they were doing. So please, help me and and my family get through this, that's all that we want is justice."

The family's attorney, Emeka Igwe, had fought for the body camera footage to be released after viewing at the invitiation of County Police Chief Col. Vaughn Bond, but was frustrated the family was not notified in advance of the release of the footage by County Executive Matt Meyer's office. More concerning though, Igwe said, was that the footage that was released wasn't complete.

"That video is redacted. There is audio that shows the whole interaction from the very beginning. I couldn't help but notice that the audio of the officers when they first approached the vehicle is missing, and that audio exists."

Igwe also questioned why there needed to be a 15-minute video, when the actual footage wasn't placed at the beginning.

"Asking New Castle County Police to not put out a propaganda video, they spoke for about seven minutes prior to showing the actual footage. Release the whole video, unedited without your commentary, that has the whole audio from beginning to end."

In the video, New Castle County Police said there is a 30-second delay when their cameras are activated to when the audio begins recording.

Igwe said that gap wasn't in the version they saw and heard in a recent private session with New Castle County Police Chief Col. Vaughn Bond. 

"I'm telling you that there is additional audio of when the officers first get out of their vehicles and approach the vehicle that was missing. Purposely, intentionally, that was not by accident. Nothing that happens in a high-profile case like this is by accident. The fact that that was missing deserves some questions and answers from them."

Igwe was asked repeatedly what was in that audio and would not give a specific answer.

"We're not able to elaborate because we obviously didn't have a recording of it, but they should release it to you, and you should be able to make your own determination."

Igwe also repeated Nix's plea that Moses wasn't trying to injure anyone before he was fatally shot.

"After this shooting, they put out a false narrative that he was attempting to run them over. The video refutes that, Lymond Moses was simply trying to get away. In fact, he actually veered away from the officers, in an attempt not to hit them."

Igwe was asked why Moses chose to flee after police asked him to stop.

"It's speculative, and with all due respect, I think it's irrelevant. The reality is the police do not have the right to be the judge, jury, and executioner. If there's any crimes you want to charge him with, let him his day in court, don't give him the death penalty."

He also queried why New Castle County Police has yet to identify the officers, something done more commonly in other areas.

"I practice mostly in Philadelphia, within 48-hours of any police-involved shootings, the officer's names are released. New Castle County has refused to release the names of these officers to this day. We need to know the names of these officers; we need to know their personnel file. We need to know if there are any other victims of these rogue individuals."

He also called on the officers involved to be terminated and arrested.

"What occurred to Lymond Moses by these rogue police officers must be accounted for, and they must be held accountable. We call upon the Attorney General's Office of Delaware to prosecute these officers, and we call upon the New Castle County Police to immediately fire these officers."

Moses' wife, Amanda Spence, offered her description of her late husband.

"What is going to be depicted of him is a background as well as they try to do for everyone. If you've known him from anywhere down to the homeless and working with him, he was genuine and loving. Only the characteristics of people who know him would say that."

Spence offered a plea to the most powerful Wilmingtonian at the moment to offer his support to help.

"Please, Joe Biden, come together for your hometown and help us get justice, please, please."

The shooting remains under investigation by the New Castle Police and other agencies.