It's Election Day in Delaware. 

There's a lot of information to process, from races to polls. Here, WDEL breaks down all you'll need to know before you head out to do your civic duty and cast your ballot. 

Where should I vote? 

First, if you're voting in-person today and physically heading to the polls, here's where you can find your polling location: There's an address search available which will direct you to your polling location. You can also use that same site to check if a mailed-in ballot has been received, or for those who haven't yet sent in their mail-in ballots, where they'll be collected from official dropbox locations until 8 p.m. on Election Day. You can not drop off mail-in ballots at polling locations

Early Tuesday, long lines were reported first thing in the morning at many polling locations, including, but not limited to Brandywine Hundred, Wilmington, New Castle, Bear, Greenwood, and Lewes. Lunchtime and early evening hours are also popular times to vote; however, lines may become more frequent due to social distancing requirements inside polling places. As long as you're in line by 8 p.m., you will be permitted to cast your ballot.

As of late Monday, 161,161 of the 189,894 requested vote-by-mail ballots in Delaware had been returned.

Masks won't be mandated for those visiting polls in-person, but are encouraged. What is mandated are the presence of militias. Anyone visiting polls who feels they're being threatened or intimidated should reach out to the Delaware Department of Elections at 302.739.4277. 

"If you are registered to vote, you are entitled to vote. You cannot be coerced threatened hindered or intimidated in any fashion. It is important that you realize that if you are in line to vote when the polls close at 8 p.m. tonight, you can still vote, so stay in that line," said Attorney General Kathy Jennings. "If you make a mistake on your ballot, you can ask for a new one. If voting machines are down, you can ask for a paper ballot. If your name is not in the poll book when you show up, you can still vote with a provisional ballot. You will be notified how to find out if your vote was then counted.  If you have a disability, you can bring two people to help you."

The races

There's, of course, the big race at the top of the ticket, but Delaware has some significant races at the federal and state levels as well. 

President and Vice President of the United States

At the top of the ticket, you'll find embattled incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence facing off with Delaware's own Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden seeking the title of Commander in Chief along with his vice presidential running mate Sen. Kamala Harris.

In addition to the two largest parties on the ballot, third-party candidates include Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen and running mate Jeremy "Spike" Cohen, and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins and running mate Angela Walker. 

US Senate

At the federal level, Democratic incumbent Senator Chris Coons faces a challenger in America First Republican Lauren Witzke, whose past and current day activities have not prohibited her from beating the party-backed candidate and gaining strong footing among some of Delaware's farthest-right-leaning voters--though not all

Libertarian Nadine Frost and Independent Mark Turley also appear on the U.S. Senate ticket. 

US House of Representatives

Delaware's first Black and first female Congresswoman, Democratic incumbent Lisa Blunt Rochester, will seek reelection against a challenger in former teacher, Amtrak engineer, and actor Lee Murphy. 

Also appearing on the U.S. House ticket are Independent Catherine Purcell and Libertarian David Rogers. 

Delaware Governor

Incumbent Democrat Governor John Carney is running against Republican newcomer Julianne Murray. While Carney has spent considerable campaign time focused on steering the state through the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Murray, who's a downstate attorney, has introduced some of her own legislative ideas, including her Small Business Bill of Rights and Restoring Balance initiatives. 

Delaware Lieutenant Governor

Democrat incumbent Bethany Hall-Long faces a challenger in Republican Donyale Hall. 

Also appearing on the ticket is Independent candidate Kevin Baron. 

Insurance Commissioner

Democrat incumbent Trinidad Navarro will seek re-election against Republican Challenger Dr. Julia Pillsbury. 

Delaware State Senate 

Senate District Democrat Republican  
1Sarah McBrideSteven Washington 
Kyle Evans GayCatherine A. Cloutier 
Spiros MantzavinosAnthony Delcollo 
Davide P. Sokola 
Jack WalshTodd Ruckle 
12 Nicole Poore 
13 Marie Pinkney Alexander M. Homich 
14 Bruce C. EnnisCraig Pugh 
15 Jaci HuggDavid Lawson 
19 Brian G. Pettyjohn 
20  Gerald W. Hocker 

Delaware State Representative

House District Democrat Republican Third-Party 
1Nnamdi Chukwuocha  
Stephanie T. Bolden   
Sherry Dorsey Walker   
Gerald L. BradyJordan Nally  
Kendra Johnson   
Debra Heffernan   
Larry D. Lambert Jr. James W. HaubrichScott A. Gesty (I)
Sherae'a 'Rae' MooreDaniel M. Zitofsky  
Debbie HarringtonKevin S. Hensley  
10 Sean Matthews  
11  Jeffrey N. Spiegleman 
12 Krista GriffithJeffrey Cragg 
13 John L. Mitchell Jr.  
14 Pete Schwartzkopf   
15 Valerie LonghurstMichael HigginAmy A. Merlino (L)
16 Franklin D. Cooke Jr.  
17 Melissa Minor-Brown   
18 David. S. Bentz   
19 Kimberly A. Williams   
20 Stephen T. Smyk  
21 Stephanie Barry Michael Ramone  
22 Luann D'AgostinoMichael F. Smith  
23 Paul Baumbach  
24 Edward OsienskiGregory Wilps  
25 John A. Kowalko Jr.  
26 Madinah Wilson-AntonTimothy Conrad  
27 Eric A. Morrison Donald Carl 'Tripp' Keister IIIWilliam M. Hinds (L) 
28 William Carson   
29 William Bush Robin R. Hayes 
30 Chuck GroceShannon W. Morris  
31 Seam M. Lynn Richard Harpster  
32 Andria Bennett Charyl Precourt  
33 Rachael King Charles S. Postles Jr. 
34 Adewunmi 'Ade' KuforijiLyndon D. Yearick  
35 Darrynn HarrisJesse R. Vanderwende 
36 Greg Fuller Bryan W. Shupe  
37  Ruth Briggs King 
38  Ronald E. Gray  
39  Daniel B. Short 
40 Timothy D. Dukes 
41  Richard G. Collins  

New Castle County Races

County Race Democrat Republican Third-Party 
Clerk of the PeaceLisa Darrah  
County Council PresidentKaren Hartley-Nagle  Brian G. Whitaker
County Executive  Matthew Meyer  
Council - District 7 George Smiley   
Council - District 8John Cartier   
Council - District 9Timothy P. Sheldon   
Council - District 10Jea P. Street   
Council - District 11David L. Tackett   
Council - District 12William Bell   

Wilmington Races

City raceDemocrat Republican Third-Party 
MayorMichael S. Purzycki   
City Treasurer Dawayne Sims  
Council President Trippi Congo   
Council At-LargeMaria D. Cabrera Ciro Adams Ronnell Edward Page
      |   |    Rysheema Dixon Calvin Maurice Brown  
      |   |  Loretta Walsh James Spadola 
Council - District 1Linda Gray  
Council - District 2Shane Darby   
Council - District 3 Zanthia Oliver   
Council - District 4 Michelle Harlee   
Council - District 5 Bregetta A. Fields  Alexander Hackett (I) 
Council - District 6 Yolanda McCoy  
Council - District 7 Chris Johnson Dayl C. Thomas (L)
Council - District 8Nathan Field   

Kent & Sussex Races

Race Democrat Republican Third-Party 
Kent County Levy Court Commissioner - District 1Joanne H. MastenDoug Chervenak 
Kent County Levy Court Commissioner - District 3Allan AngelWelton Satchell 
Kent County Levy Court Commissioner - District 5 Gerge 'Jody' SweeneyClint Brothers 
Kent County Clerk of the Peace Brenda WoottenKimberly Petters William McVay (L) 
Kent County Register of WillsHarold K. Brode John P. Kelly III  
Sussex County Council - District 1Hunter Hastings Michael H. Vincent  
Sussex County Council - District 2 Cynthia C. Green  
Sussex County Council - District 3  Mark G. Schaeffer  
Sussex County Clerk of the Peace Norman 'Jay' Jones Jr. 

The polls are open in Delaware from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.