The Delaware primary election takes place Tuesday, September 15, 2020, and there are a number of candidates hoping to finalize their spot on the general election ballot. 

Races will be sorted out Tuesday as the country prepares for a general election this November between Delaware's own former Vice President Joe Biden and current President Donald J. Trump.

Delaware is a closed primary state, so elections are limited to registered party members. If you need to find your polling location to cast your ballot in person, check out the PDF included at the bottom of this article, or visit For the first time ever, the state Office of Elections is also anticipating an influx of vote-by-mail ballots, made possible due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here, we'll take a look at some of the bigger races Delawareans will have to decide. 

Major statewide races: 

U.S. Senate - Democrat

One of Delaware's U.S. Senate seats is held by Democrat Chris Coons, who faces a primary challenger this year:

Incumbent Chris Coons

Challenger Jessica Scarane

U.S. Senate - Republican 

These candidates are looking to make the ballot for a shot at one of Delaware's U.S. Senate seats:

Jim DeMartino

Lauren Witzke

U.S. Representative - Republican

The winner of this race will face Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D) in the general election:

Matthew M. Hathaway Morris

Lee Murphy

Delaware Governor - Democrat

Incumbent John Carney has a primary challenger following the completion of his first term: 

John Carney

David Lamar Williams Jr. 

Delaware Governor - Republican

This is the most hotly contested primary race this year for Delaware, with a number of Republican candidates looking to unseat Democratic leadership, who have held the seat since Tom Carper won the office in 1992. 

Colin Bonini

David Joseph Bosco

Dave Graham

Julianne E. Murray

Bryant Richardson

Also running is Scott Walker (of spray painted campaign signs notoriety). Here's an article we wrote from the last time he ran in 2018, just after he livestreamed an AA meeting on his Facebook page but just prior to his DUI arrest:

Other state races: 

Insurance Commissioner   
  IncumbentTrinidad Navarro
  Kayode Abegunde
State Senate - District 1Democrats 
  Sarah McBride 
  Joseph McCole 
State Senate - District 5  
  Denise Bowers 
  Kyle Evans Gay 
  Eric Levin
State Senate - District 13  
  IncumbentDavid B. McBride 
  Marie Pinkney 
State Senate - District 14  
  IncumbentBruce C. Ennis 
  Kyra L. Hoffner 
  Terrell Wiliams 
  Terrance Lee Baker 
  Craig Pugh 
State Rep. - District 4  
  IncumbentGerald L. Brady 
  Amy Solomon 
 State Rep. - District 7  
  IncumbentRay Seigfried
  Larry D. Lambert Jr.
State Rep. - District 8   
  Sherae'a "Rae" Moore 
  Matthew W. Powell
  Yvette Santiago 
  Kenneth Boulden 
State Rep. - District 10  
  Incumbent Sean Matthews
  Keith A. James
 State Rep. - District 26  
  IncumbentJohn J. Viola
  Gabriel Olawale Adelagunja
  Madinah Wilson-Anton 
State Rep. - District 27   
  Incumbent Earl G. Jaques Jr.
  Eric A. Morrison 
State Rep. - District 34   
  Bob Haynes 
  Adewunmi "Ade" Kuforiji

New Castle County races:

County Executive - Democrat

Incumbent Matt Meyer faces a challenger in this year's primary at the completion of his first term. 

Margaret "Maggie" Jones

Matt Meyer

Council President - Democrat

Democrats have four candidates looking for the top seat on New Castle County Council, including incumbent Karen Hartley-Nagle. She's being challenged by Monique Johns and Ciro Poppiti

A review of their debate can be found here: 

Other county races - Northern:

Clerk of the Peace  
  Lisa Darrah 
  Ajawavi J. Ajavon 
County Council - District 12  
  William Bell 
  Kevin Caneco 

Other county races - Southern: 

Kent - Levy Court Commissioner - District 1   
  Joanne H. Masten 
  Morgan Russum 
Sussex - Council - District 2  
  Lisa Hudson Briggs 
  Cynthia C. Green 
  Robert D. Wilson 
Sussex - Council - District 3  
  IncumbentIrwin "I.G." Burton III 
  Mark G. Schaeffer

Local races: 

Wilmington City Council president

Incumbent Hanifa Shabazz is being challenged for the city council's top seat by council member Trippi Congo.

Hanifa Shabazz

Trippi Congo

Other local races: 

Mayor of Wilmington   
  IncumbentMichael S. Purzycki 
  Velda Jones-Potter
  Justen A. Wright
Wilmington Treasurer  
  Dawayne Sims
  Va'shun "Vash" Turner 
Wilmington City Council - At Large   
  IncumbentRysheema Dixon
  IncumbentSamuel L. Guy
  Incumbent Loretta Walsh 
  Maria D. Cabrera 
  Tyrone C. Johnson Sr. 
  Robert M. Oliver
  Charles Potter Jr.  
  Arisa White
Wilmington City Council - District 1  
  IncumbentLinda Gray
  Karen "Butter" Flowers
  Albert "Al" Mills 
  Coby J. Owens 
Wilmington City Council - District 2  
  Shane Darby
  John Johnson Jr. 
  Billy Lane Jr. 
  Dorothy King 
Wilmington City Council - District 3  
  IncumbentZanitha Oliver
  Davon "D" Marque Hall
Wilmington City Council - District 4  
  IncumbentMichelle Harlee
  Donald Farrell 
Wilmington City Council - District 5   
  Bregetta A. Fields 
  Christian Willauer 
Wilmington City Council - District 6  
  IncumbentYolanda McCoy
  Evon Murray
  Josue Ortega 
  Ian "Jahiti" Smith 
Wilmington City Council - District 7  
  IncumbentChristofer Johnson
  Devon Hynson 
Wilmington City Council - District 8   
  Sean Barney 
  Nathan Field 


Polling locations

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Delaware. To find your polling location for voting in person, use this list--there are several additional pages viewable if you click on the PDF to open it--or visit to put in your address and be directed to your location automatically.