One Republican will formally announce his second bid for Delaware's lone U.S. congressional seat Tuesday night.

"The prosperity that President Trump has brought to the nation isn't really happening here in Delaware," said Republican Lee Murphy.

Murphy, who appeared on Netflix's House of Cards, will once again throw his hat in the ring in 2020. Last time, he lost in the GOP primary to Scott Walker.

Murphy said Delaware is lagging behind in economic growth, especially compared to neighboring states like Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  He said he an improve the state's prospects.

"I want to bring industry; I want to bring manufacturing jobs back to Delaware; I want to work with the president; I want to have his ear.  I want him to help us here in Delaware re-establish ourselves, as a manufacturing center, where people can make a living and support a family," said Murphy.

Murphy added his allure to voters is that he calls himself a "blue collar guy" and a retired railroader--standing apart from what he called the typical Republican--in a state that's trended heavily Democratic in past elections.

Even though Murphy lost the primary in 2018, he did take lessons from the race.

"There's nothing like name ID," said Murphy, pointing out that his opponent in that primary, Scott Walker, has a name similar to the former GOP Governor of Wisconsin. He believes that name recognition along with lower voter turnout, among Republican voters, attributed to his loss.

"My opponent last time had run as a Democrat, his name was out there," said Murphy about Scott Walker. "And I have to do a better job to get my name ID up and hopefully put up a few thousand more signs this time than I did in the short time I campaigned last time."

Walker lost to Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester.

Murphy believes the early start for his campaign now will make a big difference in helping him get over the top this time.

His campaign announcement is happening Tuesday, June 25, 2019 in Wilmington at Bank's Seafood Kitchen & Raw Bar.

For more information, visit his campaign website.