A trip to Delaware is one of the prizes on Let's Make a Deal on January 13, 2021

A trip to Delaware is one of the prizes on Let's Make a Deal on January 13, 2021

An anesthesiologist named Kirti was left with one of the classic "Let's Make a Deal" dilemmas on Wednesday, and learned that anything could be behind the famous curtains, including the First State.

Kirti was pressed by host Wayne Brady on the choice of an oversized check envelope, or Curtain No. 1, with the clue "You will go up and down."

She took the check, passing on what was a zonk check that her pickle-adorned fellow contestant Tiaunt selected, leaving him empty-handed.

Kirti's prize was unveiled, and it was a trip to Delaware, with a picture of the Wilmington skyline from the Riverfront.

The package included 3 nights at the Hotel DuPont with meals at its restaurant Le Cavalier, with the assumption being its elevator will cause you go to up and down.

In terms of the featured activity, the Delaware package included the landmark Longwood Gardens, which is beautiful, but actually in Pennsylvania.

Tacking in the round-trip air-fare, the prize was valued at $7,462.

There's no commercial flights into Wilmington, or anywhere in Delaware until Frontier returns to the New Castle Airport next month, that still sounds expensive for a flight to, and ride-share from, Philadelphia.

Kirti smiled and applauded as the prize was announced, but the value wasn't enough to qualify for the Big Deal, so if you see someone wandering on the Wilmington Riverfront in an anesthesiologist costume soon, it might be a "Let's Make a Deal" winner.

You can watch the episode on the CBS website.