Virus Outbreak Variants vaccine

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A local physician is raising the alarm about COVID-19 variants, even as the number of new cases of the virus goes down.

Dr. Sandra Gibney is concerned about new variants of the virus, and she advises those who've gotten one dose of a two-dose vaccine to be sure to get the second.

"Because we know that these variants are out there, and one dose will probably be very [much] less likely to help you avoid getting these variants," said Gibney.

The doctor has another piece of advice as well.

"Which is, don't take any anti-inflammatory drugs for 24 hours before and after your vaccination if possible, because we know they blunt the immune system," said Gibney.

The most recent variant comes from India, there have been four confirmed COVID cases involving that variant in Delaware so far, and the state is now offering prizes ranging from college scholarships to low-numbered black license plates through the recently-introduced DEWins! program to get more people to get vaccinated.

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