Dover's Jyheim Spencer skies for a dunk against Newark

Dover's Jyheim Spencer skies for a dunk against Newark

2020 Delaware All-State basketball player Jyheim Spencer was coming up on two of the best weeks of his life, but now he's learned he's going to have to spend them isolated, and his family could use a little help.

Spencer was set to begin his academic career at Division II Caldwell University in New Jersey, when a decision by that state's Department of Health changed his plans.

Delaware was placed on the mandatory self-quarantine list by the Garden State on Tuesday, meaning anyone who enters the state is required to do a 14-day quarantine before anything else.

Delaware has gone on-and-off that list over the past month, drawing the ire of Delaware Governor John Carney at Wednesday's weekly coronavirus press conference.

“We’re back on and I’m mad as hell again. That just doesn’t make any sense."

It might not make sense to Delaware's Governor, but for students at Caldwell University, it means they are required to be in New Jersey for 14 days before they will be allowed on campus.

There's where the two major events if Jyheir's life over the next two weeks intercept.

Jyheir's mother is getting married during the final week of August, and their family is struggling with the costs of both the wedding, and the unexpected extra bill of 14 days of lodging and meals off-campus.

She started the "Jyheim '6' Spencer" fundraiser on Facebook to raise the estimated $2,000 it will take for him to properly self-quarantine before he can start on-campus.

"When I see the money that people are raising for me to go to college, it makes me want to cry. Who would have thought, that from the school I went to before Dover [Seaford], I didn't care about school, so who would have thought I would be going to college for basketball, full ride?"

Spencer said after getting pushed by the coaching staff at Dover, including head coach Stephen Wilson, to take his classroom studies as seriously as his post play on the basketball court, honor rolls and scholarship offers followed.

"I'm going to school for business management. I'm trying to give back to something I didn't have in the community, I'd like to open up a basketball facility."

Spencer is used to altering plans. First, the move from Seaford to Dover, then his high school team's season derailed before the state semifinals in March, and now a speed bump on his way to Caldwell.

He said it's frustrating, but he'll find a way.

"My goal that I wanted is here, but COVID is just trying to stop everything. Everything is just going downhill every time. First it was we had to get quarantined the the moving date got moved back, and now I've got to stay in a hotel for 14 days."

His family is just looking for a little help, as Jyheim continues his academic and athletic journey at the next level.