Maryland State Police Shield

Five people are lucky to be alive, and likely thankful to Maryland State Police, after they were rescued by helicopter from the Susquehanna River Flats off Perryville, Maryland.

Two choppers were dispatched to help find a small fire company rescue boat whose crew became disoriented after they rescued three waterfowl hunters Friday night, police said.

The boat was in an area where other boats couldn't get to it, and rescuers were worried near-freezing temperatures and gusty winds could mean hypothermia for the boat's occupants.

Roughly 2 and a half hours after the first helicopter was sent out, it was running low on fuel, and its crew called for the second chopper, whose crew lowered a rescue basket to the boat 5 times to bring the boat's occupants to safety.

They were taken to the National Guard Armory in Havre De Grace to be evaluated.

No one was hurt during the operation, which lasted nearly 4 hours.