End-of-life options could expand in Delaware, for adults who are given a grim diagnosis.

A bill was introduced in the Delaware General Assembly this week, similar to legislation that was introduced and debated in previous sessions. The sponsor of House Bill 140, Representative Paul Baumbach, D-Newark, and grass-roots supporters said the bill contains other safeguards. Baumbach said it provides terminally ill Delawareans greater bodily autonomy, during their end of life journey, and perhaps some great comfort to know that medical aid in dying is available, whether they choose to act on that option or not.

Under the bill, if two healthcare providers diagnose a person who has a terminal condition as having six moths or less to live, and that person wants to end his or her suffering, medication to carry out that dying wish would be available.

The Ron Silverio - Heather Block, Delaware End of Life Options Act is named after two Delawareans who died in 2018 after what their acquaintances said was prolonged, and needless suffering.

Mark is a veteran broadcast-journalist in Delaware.  Mark, a Claymont native, is a former President of the Delaware Press Association and      Chesapeake AP Broadcasters Association.