The 78th Annual Miss Delaware 2019 Competition will be held Saturday, June 15, 2019, and features a slate of candidates and causes as diverse as ever. 

The competition is set to take place at the Cape Henlopen High School Auditorium in Lewes, and will feature over $35,000 in scholarships being awarded to candidates. 

Those interested can familiarize themselves with the candidates, their current titles, their social initiatives, and their talents, respectively, here: 


Candidate 1: Emalie Lawson | Miss Northern Delaware 

Modern Pointe | Suicide Prevention and Awareness


Candidate 2: Rebecca Bristow | Miss Diamond State 

Vocal Performance | Serving Those Who Have Served


Candidate 3: Katelynn Mayers | Miss Newark 

Contemporary Dance | Let's Join Hands - Stop Bullying


Candidate 4: Selena Barnett | Miss New Castle County 

Vocal Performance | Hidden Disabilities - Endometriosis Awareness & Advocacy 


Candidate 5: Nia Andrews | Miss Greenville 

Lyrical Dance | Joyfully Serving Families Of Premature Babies


Candidate 6: Victoria Muir | Miss Blue Gold 

Science Demonstration | Crowns and Lab Coats - Celebrating Women in Science


Candidate 7: Jenna Hitchens | Miss Talleyville 

Lyrical Dance | Victim to Victor - Helping Sexual Abuse Victims Find Their Voice


Candidate 8: Taylor Johnson | Miss Sussex County 

Broadway Vocal | Protect the Skin You're In - Melanoma Awareness


Candidate 9: Danielle Barger | Miss Christiana 

Tap Dance | Giving the Gift of Togetherness - Ronald McDonald House Advocacy 


Candidate 10: Hilary May | Miss Hockessin 

Vocal | Let's Talk - Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness


Candidate 11: Kaylynn Pride | Miss Wilmington 

Contemporary Dance | Dancing for Better Health


Candidate 12: Danielle Taylor | Miss First State 

Performance | The Crown C.A.R.E.S - Creating a Respectful Environment in Schools