A Middletown entrepreneur wants your kids to learn to code, because he said they'll also learn lifetime skills.

Younger kids grasp the idea of communicating with computers quickly, said Coderrific Academy CEO Jonathan Adley.

"Coding is basically you telling the computer what to do in a very specific sentence format, so they get it right away, but when they come in at an older age, it's almost [like] you have to deconstruct the way they have learned to communicate and build it up again," said Adley.

Adley said he got the idea to start the after-school program when he came to Delaware roughly five years ago.

"I ended up doing an MBA program at Wilmington University, and through that, we basically, me and my co-founder met, we decided to do an actual business plan, see if that's feasible, and we found that, yeah, it should be done, and it can be done," said Adley.

The program officially opens to the public next month.