Middletown state Rep. Quinn Johnson is not running for re-election.

After the state House passed the grants-in-aid and bond bills in a virtual session Monday, the co-chairman of the Joint Finance Committee announced he was retiring after 12 years of public service.  He called it a "difficult" decision, but one that's best for his family.

"My family...sacrificed a tremendous amount; they are often told that you can't do things; they've got to sit there and listen to you take phone calls; they've got to sit there...and go on vacations without you," the Democrat, who represents the 8th District said. "Everyone will know when the time comes...it's time for me to give back my time to my family that they have sacrificed over the last 12 years."

Johnson previously served as the Middletown Chamber of Commerce's education advisory committee, and an MOT soccer coach.

House Majority Leader Val Longhurst was in tears, saying her goodbye

"Rep. Johnson got involved in politics because of his son, Quinton, who has a hearing disability, and he made that a champion for him and everybody in the community, and you made a foot-mark into that community. You passed a lot of great legislation, and you did your job. The passion of your son got you  through it and got your agenda done, along with a lot of other people being able to benefit for your hard work," she said. "We thank you for all your hard work, and you have many more accomplishments, but to me, that's what shapes who you are as a legislator."

Johnson's retirement means the Joint Finance Committee will get two new co-chairs next year. Co-chairman Sen. Harris McDowell is also retiring from the state legislature.