Matt Meyer Library of Things LOT

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer unveiling the Library of Things at  the Newark Public Library

You'll soon be able to check out more than just books at certain New Castle County libraries. 

The Library of Things (LOT) will be available at the Newark Public Library, where a variety of products will be available to check out for home use, with things like "home tools, musical instruments, technology, scientific equipment, and puzzles and toys," on the list.

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer said the concept was about evolving to meet the needs of the people using the facilities. 

"We're changing libraries as the times change," Meyer said. "When I was a kid, going to the North Wilmington library off 202, I went there to learn how to read; I went there to take out books. Now libraries are a lot more, of course. They're meaning places, they're places you can use computers. We have 3d printers, makerspaces at a lot of our libraries."

Individuals will even be able to take out laptops and other devices. The items were all purchased through a $2,500 grant funded through Councilwoman Lisa Diller and the New Castle County Council. 

The library acquired items which "span a variety of interests and include a microscope; a moisture meter for drywall, wood, and masonry; a music keyboard; podcasting and other audiovisual equipment; puzzles; and indoor and outdoor games."

Despite the newly purchased items, Meyer wasn't concerned things might go missing. 

"Look, I'm worried about books going missing as much as I'm worried about computers going missing, to be honest," he said. "We're obviously encouraging the public to be responsible. If you do steal something, we will find you and we will take care of it. But we're finding that, at this point, not to be an issue. People are responsible and if you need a drill for home, you need a puzzle or game for the kids for the weekend, please stop by one of our local libraries and check out our Library of Things."

While the program kicks off at the Newark Public Library, Meyer said there are plans to expand the program to other locations.