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Transformations is a new initiative at Winterthur Museum featuring contemporary artists, but harking back to the past.

The art in Transformations is new, but the motivation behind the initiative goes back to museum founder Henry Francis DuPont's desire to inspire people, echoed by Winterthur's graduate program, said Winterthur's Kim Collision.

"They thought several years ago that this would be a way to really inspire not just scholars, but also the making community," said Collision on WDEL's Del-AWARE.

Collision added "Transformations" features six artists working in various media, including singer Elissa Edwards, whose Elan Ensemble recorded four songs from the museum's collection to serve as a soundtrack for its Outside In exhibition.

"Historical songs that they took a look at the music, they studied it, and then put together a compilation of this music, along with sounds from the Winterthur garden," said Collision.

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