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All of us are carefully cleaning surfaces to kill the novel coronavirus, but one surface that probably doesn't get attention is your outdoor trash can.

Well, a new local business is here to help.

Tyler LeBlanc owns Delaware Trash Can Cleaning, and said his company can clean, disinfect and sanitize your trash cans, mostly using hot water.

"I actually carry my own water on a trailer--you may have seen the trailer around before--it's bright green, it's got these big lifters on the's definitely unique, but we come up to your curb on trash day or after, depending on where you live, and we basically disinfect the entire trash can," said LeBlanc.

LeBlanc, who was inspired to start his business by a YouTube video, said the only chemical he ever uses is Simple Green, which he only uses for the dirtiest cans, and if you'd like to make an appointment, it's easy to do.

"We have a website called [where] you can find out all the information on what we do and why, our services, our pricing, everything's right there on that front page, and it makes it really user-friendly for everybody," said LeBlanc.