meyer budget address

It's past time to re-assess property values, New Castle County Executive Matthew Meyer said on WDEL's Del-AWARE.

More than 200,000 parcels of land in the county haven't been reassessed in 36 years.

"So by and large, properties throughout the county are assessed based on 1983 assessed values.  [That] creates some problems that we need to fix--when I came into office two years ago, I said, 'We need to fix this.'"

Meyer said since he took office, he's found addressing the situation is more complex than he first thought, but there are ways to get it done.

Meantime, Meyer disputed the City of Wilmington's claim that the county is costing the city money, concerning property values.

Commenting on a lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Delaware, the NAACP, and other groups in Chancery Court, Meyer took issue with the city's calculations.

"They filed to enter the case, and the judge permitted them to enter the case.  Their argument is [that] they have a revenue shortfall because we haven't reassessed--that is mathematically false," said Meyer.

Wilmington claims the lack of a county reassessment for 36 years has resulted in county taxes unrelated to city property values.