NCCPD officer involved shooting

The family of Lymond Moses have been shown the body camera footage from the January night when their loved one was shot and killed in Wilmington by two New Castle County police officers.

Now, they want the video immediately released to the public.

"The world needs to see this senseless murder," cried Moses' widow, Amanda Spence. "It's murder! So show the world."

The family's attorney Emeka Igwe said the family was shown the footage on Friday, February 19, 2021, at the invitation of Police Chief Col. Vaughn Bond, Jr.

Igwe said the footage contradicts the police report that Moses was driving at the officers.

"What we saw in the video was both shocking, tragic, and incredibly saddening," said Igwe. "If New Castle County police had followed proper police protocol and procedure, Mr. Moses would still be alive today, but unfortunately, they didn't."

"What it shows is that Mr. Moses was veering away from the officers simply trying to get away," said Igwe.

Igwe said the video needs to be released sooner rather than later.

"So you can judge for yourself, you don't have to take my word for it," said Igwe. "The public can see for themselves that this was an unjustified shooting."

According to Igwe, the body camera footage shows the entire interaction with the officers, from the time they first approach the car Moses was in, to the point where they fired nine times at his vehicle.

"At least four of those shots hit Mr. Moses, one into the side of his head," said Igwe.

Igwe said the video shows the officers waking Moses up in the car, opening both the driver's side and passenger side doors, and shining a flashlight on him.

At that point, Moses put the car in gear and drove away, before coming to a dead end at which point he turned the car around.

New Castle County police have maintained that Moses then drove at officers at a high rate of speed when they fired.

Igwe said no one will ever know what Moses' mindset was at the time of the incident.

"If he was here, he would be able to give his side of the story but unfortunately the officers made sure that he wouldn't be around to give his side of the story," said Igwe.

"As this is still an active and ongoing investigation we will not be providing any further statements until the investigation is complete and a decision has been rendered," New Castle County police spokesman M/Cpl. Mike Eckerd said.

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