Locale BBQ Post open sign

Locale BBQ Post placed a sign outside its restaurant that it's open

New Castle County restaurants will be able to put up additional signs outside their business alerting passers-by that they are open, according to an instruction announced by County Executive Matt Meyer.

Meyer said he will ease code enforcement for restaurants to put up any number of signs totalling up to 50 sq. ft. per property, without the need to get a permit.

“This is a commonsense solution to help the hard-working restaurateurs and store owners to let their customers know if they are open for business,” said County Executive Meyer in a statement. “It will also help New Castle County residents avoid confusion who are looking for restaurants or stores that offer delivery or where they may pick up a meal.”    

Many Delaware restaurants have struggled since indoor seating at restaurants was banned as part of Delaware's response to COVID-19.

Signs must be removed after the state of emergency is lifted in Delaware.