There were 80 new novel coronavirus COVID-19 cases on the backs of 1,615 new test results reported Tuesday.

The data from the Delaware Division of Public Health shows "active" coronavirus cases and hospitalizations both decreasing.

But Delaware saw five new deaths for a total of 373 attributed to the virus.

The most recent deaths announced Tuesday involved persons ranging in age from 65 to 80. Four of the individuals were female and one was male. Three were Kent County residents, and two were Sussex County residents. All five individuals had underlying health conditions. Two of the individuals were residents of long-term care facilities. Those with underlying health conditions account for 89 percent of the state's overall deaths from COVID-19 while those residing in long-term care centers account for about 65 percent of all of the state's deaths.

Cumulatively 9,685 COVID-19-positive cases in Delaware, but of those 3,870 are "active."

The state saw 89 new total recoveries for a total of 5,442.

By county, those new positives represented 45 in New Castle for 3,883, 10 in Kent for 1,450, and 27 in Sussex for 4,299. Tuesday's positive test results represented less than a 5% positivity rate. 

Hospitalizations decreased by two to 157 individuals currently receiving in-facility care. Of those, 28 were listed as critically ill, a decrease of four from the day prior.

Those testing negative for the virus increased by 1,535 persons to 54,377. 


WDEL's Amy Cherry contributed to this report.