Meredith Chapman

(Photo/Meredith Chapman for state Senate)

The family of Meredith Chapman is providing more context to the tragic murder-suicide in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania.

Chapman, who unsuccessfully ran for state Senate, was gunned down Monday in her newly rented home near the campus of Villanova University, by Jennair Gerardot, who believed Chapman was having an affair with her husband. Gerardot then killed herself. At a press conference on Tuesday, Radnor Police chalked up the incident to "an affair."

But on Wednesday, Mike Neilon of the Bellevue Communications Group, on behalf of the Chapman family, provided a statement which shed more light on the situation:

"Meredith was a wonderful daughter, sister, and devoted friend. We loved her very much, just as she loved all of us, and we are devastated by her death.  While her marriage to Luke had come to an end, it was gratifying to know that their separation and divorce was amicable, that they remained friends and confidants, and that each of them cared very much for the other."

"We understand that the circumstances of her death are the focus of news attention...but we have chosen to refrain from participating in these stories because they do not and cannot capture the essence of her life. She was a vibrant, vital and caring woman of incredible talent, and we ask for the opportunity to mourn her in private."

Additionally, WDEL has learned that Mark and Jennair Gerardot were also separated and in the process of getting a divorce. They had retained attorneys and were waiting for the six-month separation required by Delaware state law in order to file for divorce. That six-month separation was nearing its end when Monday's events unfolded.   

Chapman was a top marketing official at the University of Delaware for nearly a decade.  She recently took a position as vice president at Villanova University.

Latex gloves, ear plugs and binoculars were found by officers inside Jennair Gerardot's rented black Cadillac XTS, police in Radnor Township, Delaware County, NBC10 reported.

Also inside the rented Cadillac was ammunition and a receipt from a nearby gas station that showed Gerardot had been in the area since at least 2:40 p.m. Monday, police said. The vehicle was found on an adjacent side street to Lowry's Lane, where Chapman had recently moved. Gerardot had rented the vehicle April 13, 2018 in Wilmington.