Delaware DOJ

Attorney General Seal for Delaware's Department of Justice

The Newark Manor Nursing Home has settled a case with the Delaware Department of Justice over allegations it provided substandard services to residents, and failed to accurately report medical conditions, provide adequate staffing for car, and, ultimately, prevent harm to those living there. 

The Premeire Healthcare, Inc., facility, its owner Bruce Boyer, its administrator David Boyer, and the former administrator Susan Comegys all resolved allegations that, from 2011 through 2017, the manor, according to the DOJ: 

  • persistently failed to provide adequate nursing care including supervision to vulnerable residents of Newark Manor, causing falls, fractures, and other significant injuries;
  • failed to meet the required daily care hours per resident;
  • failed to act on monthly pharmacy recommendations, and supply prescribed medication to certain residents;
  • failed to take steps so that residents were not burned by hot coffee, and failed to adequately treat burns;
  • failed to maintain hygiene standards;
  • failed to maintain effective strategies to prevent falls;
  • failed to ensure that the resident environment was free of accident hazards; and
  • created incorrect care plans for their residents

The owner and the manor as an entity agreed to pay $381,000 to settle, with $175,000 going to the Department of Health and Social Services' Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance, and $206,000 into capital improvements for the facility. 

For two years, the facility will be under a Corporate Integrity Agreement and will be obligated to achieve extensive compliance with settlement terms, the attorney general's office said.