Carol Holladay has run Town Hair Salon at Peoples Plaza in Glasgow for 35 years and she's not pleased with Governor John Carney's one-size fits all approach to slowly reopening businesses in the state from coronavirus restrictions on Friday, May 8, 2020.

"There's no way I could operate fully under his guidelines," said Holladay whose shop is five-thousand square feet, has 19 stylists chairs, and employs 48, all of whom are currently laid off.

The Governor's guidelines for barbershops and hair salons to reopen is no more than two appointments at a time.

Holladay said she wished the Governor would stop by to see the difference between her salon and a four or six chair barbershop.

"Some might have four employees, others might have 32 employees, but all of us shouldn't be lumped together."

Holladay said it would cost her more to run the shop with just two workers than to keep it closed which she intends to do until the end of May, but then...

"I'm going to go June 1st regardless. I shut down March 18th. I have a business to run."

She added that bringing back just a few stylists would have consequences for them all.

"For me to pick who's going to work and who isn't in this type of salon is very hard," she said, "and for me to say 'I'm going to open my salon' stops everybody's benefits."

Holladay said one thing they'll have no problem complying with is cleaning the site which she said they did before the virus struck.

"We have on-site washing machines and dryers that are commercial. We wash all day long. We wipe all day long."

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