Delaware Office of Highway Safety

Drivers are, of course, responsible for their behavior behind the wheel, but the Delaware Office of Highway Safety reminds pedestrians they've got to be responsible too.

The goal of the "Walk Smart, Arrive Alive" campaign is to remind walkers they should be sure to "walk bright" at night by taking along some reflective material, said OHS's Cynthia Cavett.

"Whether it's on their clothing or in a device of some kind, or their flashlights, and every single cell phone has its own built-in flashlight anyway, so I frequently use that myself, and it's very easy to turn off and on as you're crossing the street," said Cavett.

Cavett added a pilot program they're running this year involves notifying motorists of pedestrian problem spots via the Waze app.

"What's going to occur is when a car has stopped for more than 4 seconds at, again, known high-crash locations throughout the state, a message will appear in that spot, because it's a known pedestrian hotspot, and the message is going to say 'watch out for pedestrians in this area' ", said Cavett.

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