Social distancing coronavirus

Another week of new coronavirus data leads to Delaware, once again, being removed from quarantine lists in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

"As our daily positive cases have gone below the data gateway breakpoint...which is essentially 97 cases per day, we're below that once again, so we're on again, off again, on again, off again, and it's something that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Delaware's aggressive testing is what lands the state on the list in the first place. He called for states to use both the percent of positive tests as well as new day-to-day positive cases.

"We continue to test...our percent positive has never been near the gateway of 10 percent, we're nicely under 5 percent, which is the World Health Organization's target," Carney said. "I want to be better than that still."

To get there, Carney said the state will enforce coronavirus restrictions.

Delaware remains on Washington D.C.'s quarantine list at the time of publication on August 4, 2020.