Political newcomer Julianne Murray from Georgetown beat out state Senator Colin Bonini for the most votes in a field of six to become the state's Republican candidate for governor in November.

Murray, the candidate backed by the state GOP, garnered 41% of the ballots in primary voting held Tuesday, September 15, 2020, about six-and-half points ahead of Bonini.

Murray advances to take on incumbent Governor John Carney who defeated Bonini for the post in 2016 and cruised to victory against his primary challenger David Lamar Williams Jr., with 84.8% of the vote.

Murray said she may be new to politics, but not to the fight.

"I'm sort of that personality. I take a case that goes to the Supreme Court when I've been practicing a year. When I decided I was going to do criminal defense I go straight to Superior Court felonies. I jump in. It's not without care and without caution but I believe in my abilities."

Murray, an attorney and property owner in Dewey Beach, also took on the state's coronavirus restrictions, suing early on, to stop a ban on short-term rentals.

Bonini said Murray put together a great effort in Sussex County, where she amassed 11,739 votes compared to 5,722 for Bonini.

"I told her, of course, I'm happy to endorse and support and hopefully we will win in November," said Bonini. "I was always taught as a young person how you lose shows your character, and I want to be as gracious and helpful as possible."

"I think we will talk again," said Murray. "I'm happy to pick his brain."

Murray has unveiled a proposal called a Small Business Bill of Rights and is ready to go after the incumbent, especially for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The people are tired of the career politicians, and John Carney is a career politician. Look, I think we need a fresh start. Democrats have been in charge for 27 years, and it's not working.

"Personality-wise, I think I will crossover into unaffiliated voters and Democrats in a way that other candidates might not."

The field also included state Senator Bryant Richardson, political newcomer David Bosco, self-proclaimed 'rebel' David Graham, and perennial candidate Scott Walker.

Each of them tallied less than 5,000 votes out of a total of 55,000 ballots cast.

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