PAWS for People

PAWS for People

The Thanksgiving broadcast of the National Dog Show is a holiday fixture in many homes. But, the actual show takes place near Philadelphia and is open to the public.

This year, a Delaware-based organization will have an opportunity to enhance its reputation.

PAWS for People has arrangements with a variety of organizations to arrange therapy pet visits with children, people with disabilities or in assisted living or in a variety of settings. It was founded in 2005 by Lynne Robinson, a retired teacher. People with a dog, cat or rabbit - usually a dog - will come to PAWS and receive training in how to act as a team and interact with someone who could benefit from interaction with a friendly pet.

"The idea is to give people some of what they're missing in their lives. Maybe it's a little comfort, maybe it's smiling and having fun, maybe it's joy, maybe it's just calm and peace if they're anxious and either have depression or anxiety issues," Robinson said.

It turns out that the National Dog Show was looking for more pet therapy ambassadors to be on hand for its weekend show in suburban Philadelphia November 19th-20th and reached out to PAWS for People earlier this year. PAWS will bring several pet therapy dogs to the show in Oaks, Pennsylvania to interact with spectators who take a break from the main show ring. 

"It's really a special thing for us, and an honor," Robinson said. She added that being a part of the National Dog Show provides a recruitment opportunity. The broadcast is also likely to mention PAWS for People, sharing their mission with a national audience.

Mark is a veteran broadcast-journalist in Delaware.  Mark, a Claymont native, is a former President of the Delaware Press Association and      Chesapeake AP Broadcasters Association.