Snowballs at Santa Claus. Batteries at their own team. Boos at their draft picks. Boos at injured opposing players. Punches at opposing super-fansPunches at police horses.

National media outlets like to throw shade at Philly fans--especially its NFL fans--as often as they bring up rusted, fading memories of Philly fans throwing something at someone. 

Philadelphia catches a lot of flack for being some kind of horrid fan base for their professional sports teams, painted in national media as unconscionable ne'er-do-wells who just can't stop themselves from being a bunch of meanies. 

You'll hear tried-and-true, tired old tales brought up on every nationally televised game, especially when the announcers can gleefully whine to you about the whole Santa debacle. 

Yeah, well guess what? At least we aren't potty-mouths. 

According to a new report by, they combed Reddit--a social news aggregation site with very niche "subreddits" dedicated to all manner of specialized interests, including, but far from limited to, sports teams--and measured the language used on each NFL team's subreddit to count instances of vulgarity. They studied each of the half-million posts published to every NFL-themed message board for all 32 teams between September 7, 2017, and September 6, 2018. 

With such an obviously horrendous fan base which must constantly live in the shadow cast by its past, or by a few individuals carrying the name of the entire city, you would expect Philadelphia to make an appearance at the top of the list, no? 

Sadly, national outlets, with much chagrin, will have to recognize Jacksonville as holding that honor. The Jaguars fan base hit an average of 11.1 profane words per 10 subscribers to the team's subreddit, garnering it the top spot. 

(We shared the same most frequently used profane word, by the way, with a four-letter pejorative term starting with the letter "D" referencing the male genitalia as the top swear appearing on both pages. It appeared as the profane word counted at a 71.9% frequency rate on the Jaguars' page, and 58.3% frequency on the Eagles'. I'd try to make a Nick Foles connection here, but his trade in March 2019 falls outside the time period studied.)  

Surely Philadelphia must have come in second. Incorrect, that was the Tennessee Titans, with 10.8 profane words. 

The Eagles didn't even make third, which was awarded to the Cleveland Browns at 10.4. Rounding out the top five were the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins, with 9.7 and 8.6, respectively.

In fact, you would have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to find the Philadelphia Eagles listed.

They finished third-from-last with a 4.1 profanity appearance--only marginally less polite than the Green Bay Packers fan base, who had a 4.0, and a full word outside of the ultimate fan base of decorum, the Arizona Cardinals, who had a profanity rate of 2.9. Even their profanity was tame by most standards, with "damn" being the Cardinals fans' most frequently used swear at 22.8%. It's arguable that Green Bay's top swear is even profane: "crap" finished at the top with 22.4%. Remove those instances from the counter and maybe the teams switch places on the rankings. 

The Jaguars, for what it's worth, have roughly 35,800 subscribers to their subreddit. The Eagles have roughly 163,000. Green Bay has around 112,000 subscribers. The Cardinals have approximately 37,600 subscribers. 

The Cowboys, by the way, finished 16th with 6.0 for a fan base of about 74,200, once again highlighting they can't do anything beyond absolute middling mediocrity. The entire NFC East was fairly polite, actually, with profanity ratings of 5.4 for both the New York Giants and Washington Redskins for a finish of 21 and 22. So, a divisional finish of Eagles>Redskins>Giants>Cowboys. 

The only team to finish with "The F Word" as its top swear: The Atlanta Falcons--and it only appeared 7.5% of the time, so their vocabulary must be diverse. They finished 19th on the overall profanity frequency rankings. 

For a complete breakdown and more on their methodology, check out's article here

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