Kevin Frandsen makes a delivery at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children

Kevin Frandsen makes a delivery at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children

Phillies radio broadcaster Kevin Fransden would normally be working in the booth this time of year, but instead delivered a special treat to A.I. duPont Hospital for Children on Thursday.

Fransden and his 19 for Life charity donated lunch to workers at Nemours, but also talked a little baseball, as reports start swirling of a potential 80-game Major League season starting around July 4.

"I'm over rumors, I just want it to happen whenever it happens."

One of the arguments to getting baseball back is making sure it's safe in a COVID-19 environment, and Fransden said professional sports leagues should immediately go to the front of the testing line.

"Baseball is a game, it's entertainment and all , but when it comes to life and everything else is it bigger than that? It's not. If all of America is doing one thing and testing is not available at the right rate, why should baseball players, why should NBA players, why should NHL players get those tests ahead of everyone else? And that's a big thing for me."

Nineteen for Life honors Kevin's brother, DJ Fransden, who lost a battle with leukemia.

Citizens Bank Park isn't the only empty park as Blue Rocks fans also continue to hope they'll get to see some baseball this year.

Jeff Lance, Communication Director for Minor League Baseball said when, and if, minor league baseball returns, fans can help best support teams like the Blue Rocks by not just making it a weekend activity.

"Go to a game on a Wednesday night, and not just Fridays or Saturdays.Take in a game on a Tuesday when you don't have anything else going on."

Lance said players in the minors could have to make some tough decisions if their season continues to get cut.

"The guys playing in Wilmington are probably making $2,000 a month or less, and that's only for the five months they are playing."

There is no specific plan for how the minors fit into the Major League's plans, if they return.