Pi is a special number to any math teacher, and for Odessa High School's Katy Hoffecker, March 14's date coming so close to the mathematical term became the opportunity to raise some funds in a fun way.

Pi is roughly equal to 3.14159, and represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

"Pi Day is a fun day for mathematicians, and we are always trying to create more fun in the math world. We thought what better day to do that with actual pies, and not just mathematical 'Pi's," Hoffecker said.

2 Odessa High School Teachers hit by a pie during "Pi(e) in the Face Day"

(VIDEO: Odessa Teachers Brian Endlein and Jenn Engels are hit by pies/Courtesy: Appoquinimink School District)

Her idea was to create "Pi(e) in the Face", where participating teachers placed out a jar, and if their students could raise "Pi times 10" or $31.41, the teacher would receive a whipped cream concoction to their dome.

23 teachers agreed to take part, and Monday afternoon, with ponchos attempting to protect their clothes, one by one various teachers smiled, shrieked, cringed, but received a dose of whipped cream make-up from either the school mascot or a student.

Hoffecker said they learned pie production wasn't as easy as calculating the circumference of a circle.

"We had made the pies ahead of time, and they actually melted in the culinary fridge. They were still very cold, but very runny. I wasn't quite ready for the runniness of the whipped cream."

The school's cheerleading coach added it was great to see the support of the second-year school, which still only has 9th and 10th graders, come together in support of the B+ Foundation.

"I loved it. The kids cheering for us, it really created this really fun atmosphere, school culture, and unity that we're really trying to embrace at Odessa."

She said she wasn't sure she was going to be able to get the support of her staff, initially saying she'd be happy to get 10 teachers to go along with the gag, but that close to half the staff joined into the fun.

"To have 23 sign up and say 'I will put my face on the line for a pie and support the B+ Foundation' was amazing. To have these kids come out and raise almost $900 it blew me away, I was not expecting any of this, at all."

Hoffecker said she's already planning on organizing Pi Day again next March, hopefully with a little better pie creation system.