If a certain commercial comes on television and some of the buildings and landmarks look familiar, it could be a spot for DuckDuckGo, an Internet privacy company.

Who made it, and how did it get made?

It came from Wilmington's Short Order Production House. Once known as The Kitchen, its previous homes have been in a work sharing space, Lower Market Street - and at the Wilmington Amtrak Station.

"We were on the actual train platform for almost four years," Short Order Founder and CEO Zach Phillips said. Short Order now operates at a building at 7th Street and Orange Street in the former home of WHYY TV.

Short Order is a commercial film production house which has managed to double in size in the past year. 

"We do film for everything from a TV commercial to web spots to non-profit documentaries to social media campaigns that involve video," Phillips said. Some of their work also involves still photography and audio.

Phillips had the opportunity to meet DuckDuckGo founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg, and through that came the opportunity to work on its first national commercial. 

Short Order Creative Director Jason Prezant directed photography for the shoot, which was centered around H.B. DuPont Park and its downtown fountain.

According to Prezant, a storefront cafe set was assembled the morning of the shoot, which was threatened by adverse weather conditions. It cleared up, however, just in time.

Their downtown work space is also a work in progress as Short Order looks to expand and bring in more business.

"Wilmington is definitely making moves to becoming a city on the map," Prezant said. "It's exciting to see where it's going."