The calendar might still say early November, but that didn’t stop hundreds from cramming into Blitzen, a new Christmas-themed pop-up bar that opened Thursday night in Wilmington.

Located at 200 West 9th Street on the edge of downtown, when you walk through the door it’s tough to miss the jingle balls and white Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling. There’s a large portrait of a reindeer, presumably Blitzen, and of course a Christmas tree.

Emily Guillen was one of the first to try out Wilmington’s newest happy-hour locations.

“It definitely makes it a little more fun that it’s Christmas. Honestly, I’ve been watching Hallmark Christmas movies for two weeks at this point, so I feel very on theme.”

Rob Snowberger is the restaurateur behind the idea, and said Blitzen had to ensure profits wen towards non-profits in order to get a temporary liquor license.

“This is something that bigger cities have done with great success, and we’re just excited to keep the Wilmington story going.”

Hillary Howery put the vibe inside in simple terms.

“It just has that little bit of holiday spirit.”

It might not be anywhere near December yet, but when you hear someone on the piano playing Jingle Bells, it’s hard not to feel like Santa, or Blitzen, is on his way.