Wilmington Transit Center rendering

The walk between the Wilmington Amtrak Station and the new Transit Center under construction nearby is about 400 feet.

That's how far a DART bus rider would have to travel on foot to make a train connection.

In response to safety concerns raised by a group of local commuters, Delaware Transit Corporation CEO John Sisson said Tuesday that the proposed relocation of several DART bus routes has already been analyzed for safety concerns.

Sisson said a crosswalk had already been relocated to improve its visibility for drivers on Walnut Street. Pedestrian safety upgrades are also under consideration.

"We compared that crossing, that movement to other movement you might find in the city," Sisson said. "It's very similar to how customers come from the Wilmington Parking Authority garage and cross four lanes of MLK (Martin Luther King Drive) to get over to the train station."

"We feel this is a safe alternative, but as we get through public hearings we'll get feedback from our customers and then ultimately make a recommendation," Sisson added.

Sisson also said an overhead walkway between the train station and the transit center was not a feasible proposal.

Governor John Carney is being petitioned to reverse the proposed changes and restore service to both the train station and the transit station. Sisson said that would cause further bus congestion and that DART does not prefer to place bus stops within a block-and-a-half of each other.

"I want to emphasize, we have not made a final decision," Sisson said.

DART will hold a public hearing on these and other proposed bus route changes March 3rd at the Wilmington Public Library.