Proposed cannabis legalization in Delaware to be studied further

House chambers at Legislative Hall Friday night

There have been months of hearings and efforts to bring about legalized, taxed cannabis (marijuana) in Delaware. The issue will get further study into early 2018.

The sponsor of a bill to establish a commissioner to regulate, tax and distribute cannabis did not want to bring the measure to a vote Friday night due to pressing concerns about the budget.  Representative Helene Keeley (D-Wilmington) said that bill is still alive, but her resolution would establish a cannabis task force she said would provide more definitive answers about how the system would work.

The panel would include representatives from agriculture, substance abuse professionals, marijuana policy reform as well as AAA Mid-Atlantic. Concerns that would be studied include driving while impaired, substance abuse prevention and consumer safety among others.

"This is unchartered territory for The First State, and we want to make sure we are fully prepared to execute cannabis legalization safely and effectively," Keeley said. "By studying the experiences of other states that have taxed and regulated cannabis, we will be able to learn from them."

Eight states and the District of Columbia have regulated marijuana for legal use by adults over the age of 21.