Bethany Beach 2022

Bethany Beach

DNREC has issued a recreational water advisory for parts of Rehoboth, Dewey, and Bethany Beaches after finding increased levels of bacteria.

Health officials believe the bacteria is coming from wildlife feeding hear the surf, with the advisory saying "recent nearshore concentrations of baitfish and other potential food courses, such as 'sea angels or sea butterflies', which have been observed in higher concentrations lately, increase the likelihood of wildlife feeding near the surf zone."

The advisory covers Rehoboth Beach from Baltimore Avenue to Stockley Street, Dewey Beach near Dagsworthy Street, and Bethany Beach near 4th Street.

Swimming is still permitted in those areas, but DNREC recommends avoiding prolonged swims.

Testing is expected to be conducted again Friday, when the advisories could be listed.

In addition, Cecil County continues to have their advisories up for Holloway Beach, Charlestown Manor, and the Northeast and Elk River portions of Elk Neck State Park.

Those beaches all failed tests on Monday.