Members of the community demanded the resignation of a Red Clay School Board member due to recently uncovered Facebook posts which they said promoted guns and gun violence.

"With his post, [board member] Jason Casper threatens those with opposing political views, by saying his people have more bullets than they do," said Anne Budischak.

Despite that and many comments calling for his resignation, Casper said he will not resign. He issued an apology at the start of a school board meeting.

"I should have known better, I should have known that in today's world attempts of humor are always politically dangerous, and that I was setting a poor example for the kids that I love. So I am sorry for that. I apologize, unequivocally, first and foremost, to the kids," said Casper.

That wasn't enough for many, including Alma Scott.

"The words you uttered were not an apology--you made yourself a victim. You're not a victim," said Alma Scott.

Debbie Silverman lives in the district; her daughter graduated from Cab Callaway, and she had an issue with Casper's posts too.

"If my daughter had made a post anywhere along the lines of what Mr. Casper has made, had intimated violence, made fun of other kids, I know that she could have been kicked out in a moment because there were other kids waiting to take her place," said Silverman.

Nadine Frost was among the many who showed up to the meeting in support of Casper.

"I don't care about Mr. Casper's position on gun rights, or saving the dolphins, or any other extraneous issues. I care about the curriculum and how my money will be spent to meet educational goals," said Frost.

Casper had no comment to WDEL at the end of the meeting when asked to defend himself against criticism from many parents Wednesday night.

Last week, Casper said some of the questionable comments were made several years ago, and he apologized. Casper did pull his name from the school board president's race amid the controversy.  

The district issued a statement last week saying Caspar's views don't reflect those of the district.