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Delawareans on unemployment should be sprucing up their resumes.

The state is reinstating the requirement that a person much search for and apply for jobs in order to continue to receive unemployment benefits.

The state Department of Labor and Governor John Carney announced Tuesday that the requirement would be reinstated June 12, 2021.

"We know that there are hundreds, probably thousands of job vacancies out there. I hear it from employers across the spectrum, and so folks, need to take that step and start looking for jobs. That is the normal requirement. It was suspended for some period of time by the feds and by the state, but we will put that back in effect," said Carney.

Delawareans on unemployment must register on JobLink, upload their resume, and complete at least one unique job search each week in order to maintain their unemployment benefits. JobLink is an internet-based system where employers and job seekers create and post jobs and resumes. It also serves as a way to match job seekers with employers who have jobs available now.

“With nearly a month to complete the JobLink registration, we are seeking to provide Delawareans ample time to comply with the reinstatement of these requirements, said Darryl Scott, Director of Unemployment Insurance in a statement. “We want to strongly encourage people to start this process now.”